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water wells for lawn irrigation

Water wells to water and maintain your lawn have many advantages over city water systems such as longer watering season, not subject to watering restriction imposed by cities, and much lower utility bills. 

We offer assistance in financing whether you are switching out a pump or putting in a complete new system. Click on the financing link up top to fill out the information to qualify for your project!

Weninger Drilling, LLC

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DOMESTIC WATER WELLS FOR whole house water supply

We offer everything from a cased well only for the do-it yourselfer who wants to install the pump and make necessary tie-ins to a turn key operating well with pressure tank, pressure switch, and sanitized well.  Our complete well packages are from the basic pressure switch and pressure tank system to the more complex constant pressure system. 



The constant pressure pumping system works by utilizing a converter that changes your standard single phase electric source at your house to 3 phase power which allows the pump to spin at varying speeds to produce a constant pressure at any use demand.  For example, if your system is set for 60psi, and a shower is being used, and then the washing machine begins to fill, instead of having the pressure drop, the pump control senses the additional demand and spins faster and the pressure is constant.  This system mirrors the constant pressure delivered by city water, where it is always the same.  Another advantage with this system, is the absence of a large pressure tank. 



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Clean up services

We Also offer a service that involves a third truck on site with the drilling crew to set the boxes you see on the picture to the left.  As the crew drills your new water well, the drill cuttings dump into the boxes and are removed from your property.  Leaving you without a mess to clean up later!


Solar and wind systems are today's newest improvements to water well performance.  Not only are they durable and virtually maintenance free, but they also offer efficiency to the production of water needed for every application.  The systems will allow you to choose the production range from 5 to 95 gpm.  This ability allows you to make sure you're getting the amount you need and easily able to get more yield with minimal upgrade.